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Joint Health

Tablets containing a mix of substances (Glucosamine sulphate, Chondroitin sulphate, Vitamins, Rose Hips, Aminoacids) that are the building material for cartilage, bone and joint functions.


Vegetable Capsules combining the benefits of Glucomannan ( fiber) and Lemon Balm, to be taken before going to sleep.

Energy Control

Vegetable Capsules containing Vitamins, Caffeine and Glucomannan, suitable for a natural and active start of the morning; without the need to take too heavy meal and other energetic substances and ingredients to start your day.

Immune Zn

Vegetable Capsules containing a combination of Zinc with several other ingredients (Vitamins, Minerals), all well known key ingredients for supporting your Immune System.

Shake Meal Replacement

Shake powder, available in different flavors (Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla) and to be dissolved in water, contains several ingredients (including Vegetal Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Glucomannan) intended for weight management, as meal substitute and nutritional supplement.


SR Carnosyn®is a patented, sustained release delivery system of NAIE Beta Alanine, essential to the body’s production of Carnosine, CarnoSyn is a key substance in your body for building your muscles.

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